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6 problem was found to start a business.

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The problem is what is happening right in doing business. But it is even more scary if the business is established recently. Learning problems before they occur is a key solution to help operators to overcome such adversity and down.

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Learning problems early. Considered immune to good business.
Because nothing is perfect, and perfect as to be toxic. About the problems and obstacles as it is Eongreameey in the business of every company in the world economic society. This problem could be heavy in some time, or do some light on some issues but the situation was last year, while the barrier. The experience and knowledge will contribute greatly in solving the problem. However, for firms that recently established new. It seems to be an issue that could Hneuou troubling to the people of a lot May be a still a rookie because of lack of experience in solving problems, and other elements of a lot that is not favorable to the advantage Therefore, the company recently established to meet with the new when the problem is often not survive to be closed down a lot in a short time. Or is it Ossedoses survived more than a primary, it will set the spa to take several months. Therefore, learning problems, safe before it is important that all operators should not be overlooked. Because it is both a teacher and lessons that help teach entrepreneurs to be able to pass obstacles. The issues that are often found to start a business are as follows: Tun.

1. Shortage of both capital and cash flow in the company.
This seems to be the biggest problem in all those problems. Because the business activities almost all are factors coming from the capital almost all The more business now consists of a free capitalist entrepreneurs and companies which meet this issue, it all must surely ปวดเศียรเวียนเกล้า. This solution is best for operators to have managed the accounting and finance as well as a good management system is required. Have funds to actually use the reserve as well as the most adequate for the business. Or format for a loan from the bank and financial institutions that currently have a program that is conducive to SME business size as previously suggested in previous posts. This will come and help eliminate this problem down quite a lot. The capital of the Company should be excluded from private funds. Should not be used together, because that may enable operators to meet their own life problems into one problem.

2. No knowledge of accounting and law.
Matter of law, accounting, and it is very important in the founders. Which the majority of problems found in this section quite a lot because almost all of the company founders tend to be a creative idea to see the business channel and Buu individuals previously unemployed. Experience the other side before. But not those who have knowledge or degrees in accounting and did not know what the law is a direct account how to deal with. The listed company must do what and what important documents. That these problems are relatively minor improvements are very complex. In addition, some operators do not find themselves on the internet, of course. Which is majority owned Thee best solution is to use its services for accounting and consulting company as a legal administrator to specifically make it easier than self directed several times. This will also prevent some errors may occur. However, operators also need to keep studying and learning how to work with these companies. The selection criteria for the accounting firm and the law must be selected from the reliability is critical.

3. No staff capable enough.
To establish a new company, which recently has rarely received attention from guests who have the knowledge and experience becomes one of the issues troubling the people’s business. This solution is best entrepreneurs may have to pay to hire some employees who have appropriate experience and knowledge to work to sit in the company. The need to offer benefits as well as interesting enough to attract them to the event. But if the company’s business interruption in the salary rate ceilings are unable to pay wages in such should be talking to staff and to contract directly with the mind that if the salary is based. At the end of the year was positive and the profit level is satisfactory. When both achievement and promise, it must not be forgotten. Just as the company’s business is likely to be a new member of the staff being able to be a part of a course.

4. No social networking business that is wide enough.
Novice entrepreneurs often encounter a certain network. But what I have to admit that having a social network will help drive the business significantly. Because social networks will help spread the news about the company and your business to people in various sectors of society. Want to make someone ใcug service and support business operators rather However, social networking is not something that can easily be created each time plus the required technical perspective. Granted, entrepreneurs should create a network since before its inception. But yeah, that’s too late to create a buzz, social business after the launch then. Because the friendship that is beyond the limits in terms of time frame, always Every minute, operators can create a certain enemies than friends.

5. Lack credibility because there is no experience
Another area where companies often find new, especially when working with clients to sell. Because customers want to know what is first in the discussion is about the past experience of the company. Which are limited to the company’s new work is not much there. So the best bet is to take personal work history-related businesses are doing the show seems to be the best solution. The results show a work which must be reliable above the normal. If the operator does not resume at all related to the business that are doing it just to capture the market and do business for the first time they asked to show patterns and explain how the company works with customers to listen carefully.representatives and ask them to add in terms of quality assurance work with because it will enable the company’s operators to sell or contract business even more.

6. Business income.
The last problem is often found for the company’s new business and are subject to grave, it would remove the inevitable loss of certain matters. That this problem occurred for a company that has just opened a new and reserves, more often a need to close down many. The best solution is for operators to do business plans in all aspects, including traffic and how to solve the problem if sales and profits did not meet targets laid down before starting the company. Which channels and how to fix the problem, including funding reserves to be used when the issue is important to be specific to make clear the business plan. In order to prevent this happening was not a systematic and concrete permanently in the future.
Business problems that occur even though it would be very difficult And requires patience matter how high. But it is the best test of entrepreneurs. That the company is ready to take on the walk up to another level higher. If the operators can overcome these issues, it would be nothing they can Deddan success in the future for sure. And ultimately the triumph of operators will be saved as a historical case study of a new business to the next generation in most.


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April 11, 2011 at 7:07 am