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The advantages of having a partner for business startups.

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And a business partner is good and the advantage that the enhancement of competition in the market. Is comparable to the brain that helps drive business to the next step to continue.



Many heads are better than one head already.


How to advertise business Blog

Two types of business operations in the form of a partnership that has been very popular today. Because if compared to the benefits the business owners who have the sole monopoly on the business owner is one of the shareholders that the difference is quite large. Together with the form of business in the current structure in the economy to facilitate business operations in the latter, more in this era, so you do not really have a chance to see emerging businesses that stem from the same owner, but only a little. The advantages of strategic partnerships with the following.


1. A capital increase.

Fund business is that of matching the story is well known for business. The partners will help business operators are promising to raise capital to expand much more. This is beneficial to invest in things that will not expand branch offices. Funds for the purchase of products. Employs. Working capital in the company. That these issues will have very limited if the company is owned only one shareholder. The financing will be difficult to run than companies that have business partners who share the same management.


2. Have an advisor on hand to help.

The assisted forward advice without having to pay employment benefits that the company is a partnership with business over the sole owner. Of course, because it operates in part to be indispensable, although, it is not difficult to see problems in the operation. This is to meet all the experience of business life. Having a good advisor who understands the problems and needs access to the company will help alleviate the burden on the operators to be very they are ready to be behind the scenes who help support the idea of ​​entrepreneurship and ready to be ahead in removing obstacles to encounter problems. It is helpful if businesses will open tremendous business partner with a partner. How bad because two heads are better than one head, lean on dinner.


3. has broad social networking business.

‘Connection Nation’ is very important for doing business and is an important tool used to grow the business in the future. And a business partner that was that the entrepreneurs have an extensive social network with more. The network that will enable businesses to grow quickly in a manner that is marked by the search customer multiplied by both the operators and participants’ shares are to help us capitalize on a company. Business owners against the company, but that’s only available in the network share that is less than a lot of growth is the only plus is the only era to find more customers to their business. Ever. That will take a very long and remain behind with the form of doing business in todays highly competitive.


4. The company will be beneficial to reduce tax expense.

The partners in the business model will allow the company to change. Most do business with each other form a joint share of the committee is often established as a model, a majority of its tax. Allowing a form of taxation in the form of its magazine party representatives will contribute to the maximum company tax only 30% of 37% as the company instead of general non-entity. The difference is only 7% considered to be worth tens of millions in business with huge capital. Is known as the technical help to save costs in terms of tax to be quite a lot.


And a business partner for companies that recently established is considered not a bad idea ever for businesses today. It also will be special in terms of paying tax at a rate that is down from the setup of the form of a tax. Also part of this collaboration is a team spirit, a management model that is very interesting and I believe would be helpful in doing business in the future. Because it brings out the best part of the joint stock, each taken the driving problems in business and enabling the growth of the company to progress quickly, and sure enough security.


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April 13, 2011 at 5:05 am

Research business ideas to succeed.

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Nowadays, everyone knows that business success comes from great research. But how will conduct research on things like ideas are still the only business. The research showed how wise that can be applied to your business reality.


startup business

“Study all the steps carefully. To a bright future of the business.”


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Current business to succeed it is widely accepted that partly a result of powerful research. This makes research on the business is “very together a long time ago. But the problem occurs again for the initiative will be new business. That there is no doubt that will be used for research or research methods are applied to their business, how. If the business is just in the process a business idea, maybe in the brain or in the waste paper only. In the process of research ideas in your business is not considered is that hard a lot longer as perceived by Karen E Speeder specializing in the research business, which she has recommended steps and procedures that should. Interested in the following.


Process of research ideas.

This step is the first step you should do before starting. By the need to start thinking or new ideas to make your research and analysis. The main reason and the fact that without the bias of the attitude that may favor the idea of ​​doing business with you. That is because it may cause you to lose objectivity, and will make errors in the results. Start by doing research on the current market. Then turned to see the potential of your business idea that can respond to what the market or not. You can gather information from the Federation of Thai Industries. Or agencies of the government and private sector, such as the Federation of Chamber of Commerce. Or information from various websites that have a lot of current. The goal is to review the needs of the market when the thing those consumers want most.

Target group of consumers or a Target Group and the ideas of how your business can meet the needs of the market, much to the level of consumer demand or not. The answer from this will help you develop your business ideas to the future.


Process writes research.

The most important thing that must be written first, as every project is part of ‘Objective’ that you need to make that will conduct research as to what to be targeted and the market size, etc. Most importantly, in each topic, you must write the title “to …… ………..” every time for each topic of the research objectives. (There are many arguments but we are determined. The key is to be able to meet the needs of our research is to go for what purpose).

Writing objectives of this research is like a blueprint of your research project that has it all. It is writing about questions that need to be answered in the research ideas of your business. To plan for future business. You can seek advice or use the services of research firms that are a lot of current. To the research firm to help in various stages, such as written questionnaires. How to store data without neutral variations. Turn to make errors, etc. The results by the type of data you will collect it. Based on the idea of ​​the product or service that you would like to have sold out, including the target of research as a whole. You can research for use in the marketing plan. The market size as well as a rival product that you are going to stay in the market which, when stepped down to the real competition as well.



When combined with the development of the brand. About the research on new business ideas. Things to be analyzed are divided into the following four issues.


1. What are the benefits that customers should be obtained from the use of brand Animated little or your service. In addition, you also need to analyze further what is most important that you give consumers, as you promised before.


2. Customer you should consider is the following three characteristics.

– Buyers and refers to those who decide to pay money to buy our products or services.

– Who influences the decision? A person Organizations or groups that influence the decision to purchase our products and services.

– Users are those who use our products or services directly.


3. Rival competitors, you need to consider in this section there are three types.

– Main competitor is the most important competitors. Because the nature of the product features and services, including pricing, close too many of you. Sometimes your main competitors may be the leader in market share, you’re going to compete, and it is likely
– Vice competitors competing you have to pay attention as well. Because it is close to your product is reasonable but not equivalent to you. Why you need to pay attention is because the competition may be secondary to innovate and become a major competitor in the future is sure enough of you.

– Top three competitors. Although competition in this position may be insignificant and not the competitiveness that can fight with you. However, it should be considered as. This is because the primary competition to eat the same market shares, although a number of very small matter. The position of competitors in each class, depending on the severity of your competition with the other competitors with.


4. Other participants. Organizations or individuals interested in the success of your business. It does not have a direct interest in the success of your business, such as mass media, media associations. And other organizations, etc.


One of the important ways in the research idea is a matter of research and analysis strengths weaknesses of various products or services you like the price may be higher than its competitors. Economic threats that may be involved in sales traction. That these things will help you understand in terms of strength. And weaknesses in the idea business. Include a barrier and what you’ll need to modify in the future. Check the external competition. With the purchase of goods or services of competitors that are similar to our or you can use a query from a query or oral interviews with the consumers who own the shop. Products or services competitive with the likes and dislikes him where what Aim is to develop a product or service better than our competitors in the market. Some things are unique to the products of competitors such as the aroma than our product purchases, etc. So to test yourself. Or explore the area to put our products in the future that will be how advantage compared to competitors. Will enhance the marketing job in the future.


In this section, when collected with the previous analysis, market research will help you decide whether to bring forward ideas to develop a product or service to be competitive in the market come down soon or not. Or the need to develop further some time ago. Or the final answer is to fold it a permanent program.


Act to create a product idea.

Results from the research you do will be those that help to decide. Would you like to continue the idea of ​​your business or not. This section must be considered later, the price of the goods or services, you should have cost much compared to the current market price. In comparison to your competitors that were not appropriate when compared with the strengths and weaknesses of our product. Make sure that the products developed from the idea that you have the proper incentives for consumers to pay money. In addition, prices can also determine the position and level you want your product on the market as well.

For example, BMW brand cars to high-priced online car lot, to indicate the level of the product itself. Then start a marketing plan outline. Before going into depth in detail in the future. Starting from determining the target market of who you are How old is a capital budget of how much. And will continue to plan marketing strategies carried out in any direction when such products to market.

Research your business idea to succeed it is not difficult as I thought. Is that you must be a person interested in learning all the time? There is also very interested in the detailed, although the details are just slightly. Because many times these little details. Can make a difference in a multi-billion Baht and can develop into a strong and unique product in the end.


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April 13, 2011 at 4:55 am

Techniques to find new business partners.

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Solution of many problems for the novice started practicing; doing business is to find a partner to work. They will help fill in a lot of things that operators cannot be performed solely to. Techniques to look for the source of the joint stock are always something to be aware if wishing to do business successfully.


startup business

“Carefully select a partner that is with you and your company.”

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For those wishing to act for some types of building up a business that Of course, that we must have to think about and act in conjunction with a large number of both business planning, marketing, hiring staff. Finding location office finance, etc. The things above are for some people may not be a problem much if any knowledge in such a great track already, plus being capital rich which is important. For many business cycles. If not, it shows that the entrepreneurs have to look for business partners to their own businesses. Techniques and resources should be used to look for business partners to join its operations with the following.


1. Family.

“If a family business does not have to be careful about what goes.

Family is the best partner for new entrepreneurs in the immediate community. Because the family is something that no other partner can provide. That is the subject of honest advice when problems occur. Warmth and care for the business and strategic investment. And most importantly, in terms of capital without interest. Many entrepreneurs also tend to have more peace of mind to have partners as family members because they can trust each other fully. Are safe and do not have to sit anxiously pondering about the misappropriation of cash taken from the company. Is a business partner should be the first to look for business partners in the road trip. The disadvantage is that the right office to join the family business partnerships that Often have problems in terms of professional image in the eyes of the public view outside. It also may be a problem in the field of personnel administration within the company also caused problems in the form of the case is called. “Blood would find more dark water,” sure enough it may cause some business disruption is not going where. Workers and companies may feel taken advantage of the family business. Need to prevent problems in the not to occur with.


2. Friends.

One of the great friendship and longest of our society that is, there are lots of friends in various situations and opportunities that they will understand what the experience of males find most Friends became a partner with the value and importance of doing business for the new operator. The idea would have chased the dream of business on their own to think. Partly because the subject of a similar age. It will feature the same idea, and to one another in business. Considered by friends as a partner in that business. To see elements in many areas. In addition to financing alone. The elements that should be used, including analysis of the concept on the management of the business that go well with the guidelines of the operators how much. Knowledgeable enough or not. And most importantly, in terms of reliability have to look to deep extra. It can be seen from the example in making many businesses eventually need to end up falling from a horse died in the cause of this event, friend, less brutal edge up. Need to consider this matter carefully with and most importantly keep in mind that friends tend to want to return the type of family is always more partners.


3. Expert.

“Professionals who do not have to choose monopoly power administration

How to look for business partners by inviting experts to participate with this usually starts from the consultation and advice on issues from the guru who has expertise and interest in this matter. And may become interested to join with the stock. How to find a partner in this way will make the business of the company executives who are knowledgeable in business matters related to the direct it is also a work experience to know how to find a way to pursue the debt with the company in the event of difficulties arising in the operation. This matter is something that has value that is used to find each other easily in the present but this type of partnership is often a disadvantage in that is that experts tend to be those with high self-confidence and is considered too dangerous to do business. Because they are not open for comments from anyone and took themselves primarily sole. It is likely that business operators will be overwhelming, and by implication the right to waste management in most


4. Internet

Posting for co-share the media via the Internet, it is interesting how the modern world in a very flourishing online community, such as in the present. It has an advantage in that operators will have the option and offers a variety that will be used to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of different people who came to present for joint partnerships with which is impossible to look for business partners by other means. It has a drawback which is where the greatest vulnerability is. Operators will need to check the backgrounds of people who came to propose a partnership that is true and accurate as claimed or not. In addition, in terms of reliability, it is something to be an advantage as well. Should not underestimate the woman should make decisions on the basis of reason rather than in private ‘like. Because many people have limitations in that cannot do anything fancy succeeding by themselves alone. Especially in business.


Finding a solution is an important partner in the story to share to help alleviate the heavy burden of operators. A great partner to help when problems occur. Encouragement when the depression. And the incentive to create a Sigh Heian work. That they will never leave you walking on the street alone in the way the business. That is the advantage over a business partnership with business owners, but follows.


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April 12, 2011 at 3:13 pm

Heart 7 things before starting a business

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Before you begin to do business. What is essential to keep in mind. To start a business is not an error. We have techniques to tell you.

startup business

“To start a business once in a while. I had to get it right away”

How to advertise business Blog

The dream of many people in person. Are all different away. Some people can chase the dream and find their own. But many people are still struggling to find a dream to find. We believe that the latter would be more than the first. And one in a dream that most people want to go, especially those who just learned that the new graduates. Dreams that I want to have a business of my own washing one sure enough.

As already said that having their own business is something anyone should wish to have. But to have your own business is that success is even more difficult. When some people see as obstacles, then it is discouraged. Did not dare to dream of. But there are many people who do not think so, to try to build their own business that ultimately In order to start business are factors. A key part of many that we should lay the foundation to be studied and prepared to remove the use of starting your own business the following.

1. You have to start doing market research.

“Market research is the best thing to do. Do not jump to the final. ”

Market research is a very important initiative in the business. And is the most important thing to the top amateur business owners need to do. Novice business owners on the topic of research, it is thought to have fled together, and then look away. It think that it’s not necessary. It is difficult to understand to get involved with a number Consumption budget. Get to know more that what must be done. I overlooked this part. That we say how much that is wrong with the most deadly.

Because of that, you create more products to sell out to consumers today. You must understand the needs of the market and that consumer demand for how much. Our products can meet the needs of his or not. Target group of customers who you are. How much older. Competitors in the market or if there are few who make products in the same way you Market opportunities that your product is market share. Including the distribution of your own. Where that will be available. What are the advantages disadvantages when compared with competing products. All these are all things you will need to think and consider is important if you want to be successful in business. The research can be useful to meet with you in mind as well. You can also use information from research to use in writing your business plan as a way to have more.

2. Explore the state of your finances.

Money is another very important factor, one Everyone we know, you can not start a business if the lack of capital, so before you start a business, you should review the survey. And what are the rules. Your needs. To be used to start a business. If you lack the money to invest in the business. You should consider the financial resources to recover from financial institutions and initiatives, and writes a business plan prior to the test plan to see the advantages and disadvantages. And you should research and verify the costs associated with your business. To know that your business requires spending more or less how many. Before the amendment. And the submission of a business plan to borrow money to invest in the most

3. Hire a lawyer or legal counsel.

The lawyer who you most want to have a lawyer with much experience rather And expertise about just starting a new business. The lawyers of this type will contribute to help you greatly in starting a business pioneer. That your lawyer will provide advice related to contracts. A legally binding lease agreement, such as drafting or different places so that a good lawyer will know and understand what you are trying to do. And to help create a business structure that is useful to you.

4. To hire a good accountant.

The accountants will merge and work together with a lawyer or legal counsel in establishing your company The accountants will help you manage accounts. Care of the revenue – expenditure within the company. Including a note of the withdrawal of money or materials, raw materials. To check at the end of the year. Another important and is. Accountants will have to contribute to the calculation of tax planning and your company. Therefore, an accountant at the company you want. Have an accountant who has knowledge of the law. Related to taxation by

5. Design Structure.

You have to select and design the structure of your business that your company will look how the structure. Whether you are a sole owner. Partnership as a partner Or a privately owned company structure, etc., which are not identical, these differences are about the responsibility of the tax and legal regulations that vary according to individual categories. The lawyers and accountants will be your role in helping to provide advice. For your decision.

6. The business name.

“Company name meanings clear. Not too difficult to read or chest voice. ”

You should choose to set up a company that can convey a clear Not complex or too poor to vote Neu. Because you should look at how far the name of your company in the future will be recognized throughout the world will be. In addition, company name, if possible, should be able to convey that another company can do business related to anything. Can be recognized easily. Known and popular And finally, should be written out to English and English to be the same. Because a company may be used to create a Web site’s home page on the Company.

7. License.

Some businesses need to secure a permit must be in operation before the official. Otherwise, it would be unlawful. You should check to clear first. Because in some areas have different regulations in each area. In addition to the current license of the company and owners own. Also in the work permit of foreign workers with

What if a company has to hire foreign workers should take the foreign workers to register to be completed first. To prevent breaking the law in the future.

Starting a business is not difficult to understand by anyone whatsoever. You need to understand the basic education. These provide a clear understanding before you start a business. Because all of these basics is like the pillar of the business as a base to help support the weight of growing your own business in the future. If you study is not detailed enough. And overlook these things. Despite being just a little detail. It might make your business fail is not falling because the foundation is not strong posture, it likely.

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April 12, 2011 at 3:03 pm

How to advertise business with Create new business opportunities in seven steps.

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How to advertise business Blog

Many people think that new business will thrive in the future. Need to wait until the appropriate time and opportunity to be able to act created. This is the way to this revolutionary idea. By creating a successful business quickly, without waiting for another chance to Moore.


startup business

“Don’t wait for opportunities. Build it up better myself.”

How to advertise business Blog


The idea of ​​success in modern business earlier. That is often seen out in accordance with public television. On the question of why do you succeed in doing business. Almost ninety percent of business travelers are usually answered in an interview those two things. “Because Feeling Lucky” and “opportunity came just ran,” and many modern businessmen who want to be successful are dreaming sleep and wait for a chance to run into some people to myself. In order to be becoming a successful business to the next. This is the wrong way of thinking.

The world of reality, how could it be that people are successful without action nothing just waiting for a chance to run up to only the best way to be successful in business, it is. Initiatives to create opportunities for yourself to see the 7 steps to help make that dream a reality.


Step 1: an overview and focus on a product.

First, you should do is to look at an overview of products that have advantages and disadvantages of how When considered with competing products in the market that is the same product and can replace each other. Or known. “Product substitution”, which, in fact, the company’s own business may be a small company and just bring their products to compete in a competitive market, but was already high. Competitiveness may be less and do not fight with a large and long on the market for sure. So the best way for the product and the company is. Highlights of the need to find a product that could only be superior to competing products out to customers offering to be.



Step 2: presents simple product sales.

This step is a step that describes the easiest for operators to have the ability to bring the Company, whether as goods or services to sell to customers with speech and presented a simple fitting well there. Power to create attractive to consumers or customers. That once they heard the offer had completed the demand immediately. Most important to be able to meet the customer’s why to use the products of the company. And the product will meet the needs of consumers and so what.

In addition, in order to prepare and prevent errors that may occur during the presentation. Should be tested before delivery method. In both the text and presentation techniques in order to check availability before you go to offer practical and will correct any error before the other with advance.


Step 3: Access and truly knows.
“Need to know all sides as a product itself and its competitors.”

Must have knowledge of information that is necessary to create business opportunities. Whether the information in connection with the operator’s own business in areas such as product advantage disadvantages of knowledge about marketing. Management Company. Including how to store other information that are important that can be used to help create business opportunities with In addition, competitive information, marketing and customer information is very important as well.



Step 4: Plan for company business.

Before you can make an appropriate business plan with the company. The first thing to do before the start. Surveying the needs of the market or customer needs before that. Customer demand. To how much. Then came away more in respect of the business and products that can meet them in how much and how And then started practicing, planning and writing a business plan that fits the business best.

For example, in cases where the company recently opened a new a new product to be sold in the market, they should be targeting a small niche. To ensure that the products of the company to meet the needs of this niche better. Moreover, the use of pricing strategy is to offer more to undercut the other products. Which result in opportunities for the products can compete with the products of giant companies, it is interesting how much one way. Better to choose a market as large and too wide which may be the company that owns the market before swallowing products and products of the male self from the mind of the consumer in the most simple.


Step 5: Use the best marketing tool for companies.
“How to choose an appropriate plan and charges made.”

When deciding on an appropriate business plan for the business now. The next step is to choose the right marketing tool with the most business plans are put before. The evaluation and selection of marketing tools should look at all the 360 ​​degrees either side, whether as a matter of access to consumer marketing. The cost of marketing activities, whether it is a matter of public relations, advertising and the media. The cost is quite different. That the use of marketing tools that will make different results have come out differently with.


Step 6: Plan to take action.

This step is the application of methods and strategies can be planned in advance previous to the actual act. The plan is implemented seriously, it is most appropriate. It will be able to measure and evaluate accurately the strategy laid out as it can be used to some real good how Another plan is the hands should be the duration of the work plan more clearly that the plan will have time to work how long it will be appropriate.


Step 7: Test Plan.Testing, this plan is the final step of the process of creating new business opportunities. The need to make sure that the map was blank and lead to practical steps earlier in the six step process is how the error. To be adjusted and modified to complete in the future. 

Creating new business opportunities that It is to be able to make it happen by the operator itself is not necessary to wait for the angels Where the giving opportunity for total Important that reform must start thinking in new dementia. Understand the true meaning of the word ‘opportunity’ aspect of the business that means. What must be focused and go for the self-possession. Not mean that traditional means to look forward to coming up without anything. “If the operators to comply with the following. Guarantee that one day will need to see a picture of you on television, appearing as a successful businessman certainly possible.


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April 12, 2011 at 2:50 pm

6 problem was found to start a business.

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How to advertise business Blog


The problem is what is happening right in doing business. But it is even more scary if the business is established recently. Learning problems before they occur is a key solution to help operators to overcome such adversity and down.

startup business

How to advertise business Blog

Learning problems early. Considered immune to good business.
Because nothing is perfect, and perfect as to be toxic. About the problems and obstacles as it is Eongreameey in the business of every company in the world economic society. This problem could be heavy in some time, or do some light on some issues but the situation was last year, while the barrier. The experience and knowledge will contribute greatly in solving the problem. However, for firms that recently established new. It seems to be an issue that could Hneuou troubling to the people of a lot May be a still a rookie because of lack of experience in solving problems, and other elements of a lot that is not favorable to the advantage Therefore, the company recently established to meet with the new when the problem is often not survive to be closed down a lot in a short time. Or is it Ossedoses survived more than a primary, it will set the spa to take several months. Therefore, learning problems, safe before it is important that all operators should not be overlooked. Because it is both a teacher and lessons that help teach entrepreneurs to be able to pass obstacles. The issues that are often found to start a business are as follows: Tun.

1. Shortage of both capital and cash flow in the company.
This seems to be the biggest problem in all those problems. Because the business activities almost all are factors coming from the capital almost all The more business now consists of a free capitalist entrepreneurs and companies which meet this issue, it all must surely ปวดเศียรเวียนเกล้า. This solution is best for operators to have managed the accounting and finance as well as a good management system is required. Have funds to actually use the reserve as well as the most adequate for the business. Or format for a loan from the bank and financial institutions that currently have a program that is conducive to SME business size as previously suggested in previous posts. This will come and help eliminate this problem down quite a lot. The capital of the Company should be excluded from private funds. Should not be used together, because that may enable operators to meet their own life problems into one problem.

2. No knowledge of accounting and law.
Matter of law, accounting, and it is very important in the founders. Which the majority of problems found in this section quite a lot because almost all of the company founders tend to be a creative idea to see the business channel and Buu individuals previously unemployed. Experience the other side before. But not those who have knowledge or degrees in accounting and did not know what the law is a direct account how to deal with. The listed company must do what and what important documents. That these problems are relatively minor improvements are very complex. In addition, some operators do not find themselves on the internet, of course. Which is majority owned Thee best solution is to use its services for accounting and consulting company as a legal administrator to specifically make it easier than self directed several times. This will also prevent some errors may occur. However, operators also need to keep studying and learning how to work with these companies. The selection criteria for the accounting firm and the law must be selected from the reliability is critical.

3. No staff capable enough.
To establish a new company, which recently has rarely received attention from guests who have the knowledge and experience becomes one of the issues troubling the people’s business. This solution is best entrepreneurs may have to pay to hire some employees who have appropriate experience and knowledge to work to sit in the company. The need to offer benefits as well as interesting enough to attract them to the event. But if the company’s business interruption in the salary rate ceilings are unable to pay wages in such should be talking to staff and to contract directly with the mind that if the salary is based. At the end of the year was positive and the profit level is satisfactory. When both achievement and promise, it must not be forgotten. Just as the company’s business is likely to be a new member of the staff being able to be a part of a course.

4. No social networking business that is wide enough.
Novice entrepreneurs often encounter a certain network. But what I have to admit that having a social network will help drive the business significantly. Because social networks will help spread the news about the company and your business to people in various sectors of society. Want to make someone ใcug service and support business operators rather However, social networking is not something that can easily be created each time plus the required technical perspective. Granted, entrepreneurs should create a network since before its inception. But yeah, that’s too late to create a buzz, social business after the launch then. Because the friendship that is beyond the limits in terms of time frame, always Every minute, operators can create a certain enemies than friends.

5. Lack credibility because there is no experience
Another area where companies often find new, especially when working with clients to sell. Because customers want to know what is first in the discussion is about the past experience of the company. Which are limited to the company’s new work is not much there. So the best bet is to take personal work history-related businesses are doing the show seems to be the best solution. The results show a work which must be reliable above the normal. If the operator does not resume at all related to the business that are doing it just to capture the market and do business for the first time they asked to show patterns and explain how the company works with customers to listen carefully.representatives and ask them to add in terms of quality assurance work with because it will enable the company’s operators to sell or contract business even more.

6. Business income.
The last problem is often found for the company’s new business and are subject to grave, it would remove the inevitable loss of certain matters. That this problem occurred for a company that has just opened a new and reserves, more often a need to close down many. The best solution is for operators to do business plans in all aspects, including traffic and how to solve the problem if sales and profits did not meet targets laid down before starting the company. Which channels and how to fix the problem, including funding reserves to be used when the issue is important to be specific to make clear the business plan. In order to prevent this happening was not a systematic and concrete permanently in the future.
Business problems that occur even though it would be very difficult And requires patience matter how high. But it is the best test of entrepreneurs. That the company is ready to take on the walk up to another level higher. If the operators can overcome these issues, it would be nothing they can Deddan success in the future for sure. And ultimately the triumph of operators will be saved as a historical case study of a new business to the next generation in most.


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6 modern business concepts do not have to rely on experience

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How to advertise business Blog
Most people think that business experience is a counterpart Currently, the concept seems to fall with age, and then flows to a new era in the concept of doing business that does not rely on experience anymore.

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How to advertise business Blog

Since the past so many times that value is bound to lead to a false belief. Often forced to make business channel is always smaller. That these beliefs is wrong Does today. It seems to be a limit to advancement for the business entirely new blood. By a belief that a commitment to not be making up a new business-is. Notion of experience. Often have been told from generation to generation that a business is a matter of experience. No, do not experience any plans to do business is strictly Timothy Ericson, CEO and co-founder CityRyde gave way to revolutionary ideas in terms of experience is not necessary for the business anymore. Whose ideas and practices hereinafter

1. Seek to market
The market is looking like the first thing that new operators should only be undertaken by business and services associated with the invention. It must be understood on the basis of people with different needs and believe that there is no let any products or services to meet the needs a complete and comprehensive to all consumers. So this is a golden opportunity for the channel and the rookie of the need to capture the market demand of consumers who tend to change and so on. And products to meet the needs of such a Be. That this approach does not require even less experience. The need is to make good matches Tree served separately.

2. Do business smarter.
The success of many business people simply did not have much experience about the business before. Only do they have the view that intelligent and knows what business should be to compete. What should business space The assessment, known as Opportunity sure enough. By evaluating business basics of the easiest is to evaluate the potential of their business and market goal is to consider subjective factors with human resource capital management, plus on the strategic growth of the target market is. to match the main competition to consumers. When the factor analysis of the two combinations will know yourself that this business is attractive how to send products and services to compete with It is called a smart business to pay more, but sure enough.

3. Credibility.
Reliability is important to help reduce the weaknesses in terms of lack of experience as well, especially with its new face. Questions that are typically found on a regular basis when the network is in front of customers. If you do not experience anything, then what is the help, I’ll suggest that you can work to achieve the goals proposed. Many entrepreneurs, when first heard this question like it will fall because no chair can answer questions that were shot out of the mouths of customers. The solution of this problem is to build credibility in the framework of the company. Whether it’s increasing the number of reserves. Turnover in the cash flow. And most importantly, past work history of the company will have no errors in the prosecution of the problems and failures that occur at work is strictly prohibited. Called a walking history of the company into the skin to help replace the weaknesses in terms of lack of experience as well.

4. Live and rely on free resources.
Because of that experience is not required dedication and thrifty savings mainly By studying information and advice from experts in business, which offers free network model, such as in the social world (Social Media), such as Twitter and bookmark phase.Often provide advice on doing business for free. Not forgetting cost Baht Sometimes, it helps the business planning and help distribute information in a matter of working withWhich offers assistance in the form of friendship in a friend that can not ratable In addition, the study of business information from different libraries and to academic seminars at university, it is a way to help increase knowledge better alternative.

5. Use the Internet to the media budget for the business.
The business began in the early days know that capital is most valuable. So spending it is important to exercise caution as many as simply a special savings sure enough. One of the ways to reduce expenses as well is to use the Internet to benefit most Currently, information related to doing business in the world can search online almost no way that a written business plan. Download document And most importantly, the statistics are available on the Internet is a great number of free If the companies hired to do the survey will cost which is very expensive. And not worth the company opened new.

6. Use strengths to benefit.
The most important tool of the entrepreneur to reduce the problems caused by lack of business experience is the strength to fight. The operators will have to investigate yourself before that strength in what they can to fight the competition on the market.Might be cheaper. Better properties, etc., and then developed a tool that is used as a weapon in the fight against opponents often claimed in the features of the experience.The use of the business strengths to this battle will have to use the skills of private operators rather on the management strategy to match the blank.
Experience is not something that operators will buy them from the typical convenience store with most of them did not carry the same since everyone Therefore, the strengths in other areas to be taken to replace the weak point, it is a demonstration of “smarts” in the management of the business as well.


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