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Nowadays, everyone knows that business success comes from great research. But how will conduct research on things like ideas are still the only business. The research showed how wise that can be applied to your business reality.


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“Study all the steps carefully. To a bright future of the business.”


How to advertise business Blog

Current business to succeed it is widely accepted that partly a result of powerful research. This makes research on the business is “very together a long time ago. But the problem occurs again for the initiative will be new business. That there is no doubt that will be used for research or research methods are applied to their business, how. If the business is just in the process a business idea, maybe in the brain or in the waste paper only. In the process of research ideas in your business is not considered is that hard a lot longer as perceived by Karen E Speeder specializing in the research business, which she has recommended steps and procedures that should. Interested in the following.


Process of research ideas.

This step is the first step you should do before starting. By the need to start thinking or new ideas to make your research and analysis. The main reason and the fact that without the bias of the attitude that may favor the idea of ​​doing business with you. That is because it may cause you to lose objectivity, and will make errors in the results. Start by doing research on the current market. Then turned to see the potential of your business idea that can respond to what the market or not. You can gather information from the Federation of Thai Industries. Or agencies of the government and private sector, such as the Federation of Chamber of Commerce. Or information from various websites that have a lot of current. The goal is to review the needs of the market when the thing those consumers want most.

Target group of consumers or a Target Group and the ideas of how your business can meet the needs of the market, much to the level of consumer demand or not. The answer from this will help you develop your business ideas to the future.


Process writes research.

The most important thing that must be written first, as every project is part of ‘Objective’ that you need to make that will conduct research as to what to be targeted and the market size, etc. Most importantly, in each topic, you must write the title “to …… ………..” every time for each topic of the research objectives. (There are many arguments but we are determined. The key is to be able to meet the needs of our research is to go for what purpose).

Writing objectives of this research is like a blueprint of your research project that has it all. It is writing about questions that need to be answered in the research ideas of your business. To plan for future business. You can seek advice or use the services of research firms that are a lot of current. To the research firm to help in various stages, such as written questionnaires. How to store data without neutral variations. Turn to make errors, etc. The results by the type of data you will collect it. Based on the idea of ​​the product or service that you would like to have sold out, including the target of research as a whole. You can research for use in the marketing plan. The market size as well as a rival product that you are going to stay in the market which, when stepped down to the real competition as well.



When combined with the development of the brand. About the research on new business ideas. Things to be analyzed are divided into the following four issues.


1. What are the benefits that customers should be obtained from the use of brand Animated little or your service. In addition, you also need to analyze further what is most important that you give consumers, as you promised before.


2. Customer you should consider is the following three characteristics.

– Buyers and refers to those who decide to pay money to buy our products or services.

– Who influences the decision? A person Organizations or groups that influence the decision to purchase our products and services.

– Users are those who use our products or services directly.


3. Rival competitors, you need to consider in this section there are three types.

– Main competitor is the most important competitors. Because the nature of the product features and services, including pricing, close too many of you. Sometimes your main competitors may be the leader in market share, you’re going to compete, and it is likely
– Vice competitors competing you have to pay attention as well. Because it is close to your product is reasonable but not equivalent to you. Why you need to pay attention is because the competition may be secondary to innovate and become a major competitor in the future is sure enough of you.

– Top three competitors. Although competition in this position may be insignificant and not the competitiveness that can fight with you. However, it should be considered as. This is because the primary competition to eat the same market shares, although a number of very small matter. The position of competitors in each class, depending on the severity of your competition with the other competitors with.


4. Other participants. Organizations or individuals interested in the success of your business. It does not have a direct interest in the success of your business, such as mass media, media associations. And other organizations, etc.


One of the important ways in the research idea is a matter of research and analysis strengths weaknesses of various products or services you like the price may be higher than its competitors. Economic threats that may be involved in sales traction. That these things will help you understand in terms of strength. And weaknesses in the idea business. Include a barrier and what you’ll need to modify in the future. Check the external competition. With the purchase of goods or services of competitors that are similar to our or you can use a query from a query or oral interviews with the consumers who own the shop. Products or services competitive with the likes and dislikes him where what Aim is to develop a product or service better than our competitors in the market. Some things are unique to the products of competitors such as the aroma than our product purchases, etc. So to test yourself. Or explore the area to put our products in the future that will be how advantage compared to competitors. Will enhance the marketing job in the future.


In this section, when collected with the previous analysis, market research will help you decide whether to bring forward ideas to develop a product or service to be competitive in the market come down soon or not. Or the need to develop further some time ago. Or the final answer is to fold it a permanent program.


Act to create a product idea.

Results from the research you do will be those that help to decide. Would you like to continue the idea of ​​your business or not. This section must be considered later, the price of the goods or services, you should have cost much compared to the current market price. In comparison to your competitors that were not appropriate when compared with the strengths and weaknesses of our product. Make sure that the products developed from the idea that you have the proper incentives for consumers to pay money. In addition, prices can also determine the position and level you want your product on the market as well.

For example, BMW brand cars to high-priced online car lot, to indicate the level of the product itself. Then start a marketing plan outline. Before going into depth in detail in the future. Starting from determining the target market of who you are How old is a capital budget of how much. And will continue to plan marketing strategies carried out in any direction when such products to market.

Research your business idea to succeed it is not difficult as I thought. Is that you must be a person interested in learning all the time? There is also very interested in the detailed, although the details are just slightly. Because many times these little details. Can make a difference in a multi-billion Baht and can develop into a strong and unique product in the end.


How to advertise business Blog


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April 13, 2011 at 4:55 am

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