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6 modern business concepts do not have to rely on experience

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Most people think that business experience is a counterpart Currently, the concept seems to fall with age, and then flows to a new era in the concept of doing business that does not rely on experience anymore.

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Since the past so many times that value is bound to lead to a false belief. Often forced to make business channel is always smaller. That these beliefs is wrong Does today. It seems to be a limit to advancement for the business entirely new blood. By a belief that a commitment to not be making up a new business-is. Notion of experience. Often have been told from generation to generation that a business is a matter of experience. No, do not experience any plans to do business is strictly Timothy Ericson, CEO and co-founder CityRyde gave way to revolutionary ideas in terms of experience is not necessary for the business anymore. Whose ideas and practices hereinafter

1. Seek to market
The market is looking like the first thing that new operators should only be undertaken by business and services associated with the invention. It must be understood on the basis of people with different needs and believe that there is no let any products or services to meet the needs a complete and comprehensive to all consumers. So this is a golden opportunity for the channel and the rookie of the need to capture the market demand of consumers who tend to change and so on. And products to meet the needs of such a Be. That this approach does not require even less experience. The need is to make good matches Tree served separately.

2. Do business smarter.
The success of many business people simply did not have much experience about the business before. Only do they have the view that intelligent and knows what business should be to compete. What should business space The assessment, known as Opportunity sure enough. By evaluating business basics of the easiest is to evaluate the potential of their business and market goal is to consider subjective factors with human resource capital management, plus on the strategic growth of the target market is. to match the main competition to consumers. When the factor analysis of the two combinations will know yourself that this business is attractive how to send products and services to compete with It is called a smart business to pay more, but sure enough.

3. Credibility.
Reliability is important to help reduce the weaknesses in terms of lack of experience as well, especially with its new face. Questions that are typically found on a regular basis when the network is in front of customers. If you do not experience anything, then what is the help, I’ll suggest that you can work to achieve the goals proposed. Many entrepreneurs, when first heard this question like it will fall because no chair can answer questions that were shot out of the mouths of customers. The solution of this problem is to build credibility in the framework of the company. Whether it’s increasing the number of reserves. Turnover in the cash flow. And most importantly, past work history of the company will have no errors in the prosecution of the problems and failures that occur at work is strictly prohibited. Called a walking history of the company into the skin to help replace the weaknesses in terms of lack of experience as well.

4. Live and rely on free resources.
Because of that experience is not required dedication and thrifty savings mainly By studying information and advice from experts in business, which offers free network model, such as in the social world (Social Media), such as Twitter and bookmark phase.Often provide advice on doing business for free. Not forgetting cost Baht Sometimes, it helps the business planning and help distribute information in a matter of working withWhich offers assistance in the form of friendship in a friend that can not ratable In addition, the study of business information from different libraries and to academic seminars at university, it is a way to help increase knowledge better alternative.

5. Use the Internet to the media budget for the business.
The business began in the early days know that capital is most valuable. So spending it is important to exercise caution as many as simply a special savings sure enough. One of the ways to reduce expenses as well is to use the Internet to benefit most Currently, information related to doing business in the world can search online almost no way that a written business plan. Download document And most importantly, the statistics are available on the Internet is a great number of free If the companies hired to do the survey will cost which is very expensive. And not worth the company opened new.

6. Use strengths to benefit.
The most important tool of the entrepreneur to reduce the problems caused by lack of business experience is the strength to fight. The operators will have to investigate yourself before that strength in what they can to fight the competition on the market.Might be cheaper. Better properties, etc., and then developed a tool that is used as a weapon in the fight against opponents often claimed in the features of the experience.The use of the business strengths to this battle will have to use the skills of private operators rather on the management strategy to match the blank.
Experience is not something that operators will buy them from the typical convenience store with most of them did not carry the same since everyone Therefore, the strengths in other areas to be taken to replace the weak point, it is a demonstration of “smarts” in the management of the business as well.



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April 11, 2011 at 6:57 am

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