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How to advertise business Blog

Many people would have heard the same QR CODE certain silk products offline. Or if the notice is a simple form on Nia thus remain offline, some may be familiar, then yes, me. Today thus offline. I will say about you that QR CODE Nia that What is it and where might do the same. Why do you see the advertising to all divers.

I. The QR CODE here, almost to the laundry room, and then things like, especially in Japan, he had come before our home another QR code (Quick Response) This is code 2-D new mobile can be used. scan camera view. And not pull as images, text, video, or link from the code. Is another way to draw people from offline to online.

Then it took to do what?
For example, if you have such a simple product is a piece you’d like to give interested customers track or find information. More of your products, you can simply. Tong to coach oneself to comment on the products that interest you and your clients will be mobile. Hold the barcode is scanned, it will get you an Dmeor million to focus. This is a great marketing is another form.

Then most of what he took to do what?

– Put it on business cards.

This is another way for customers or business partners of the business cards you collect in the mine sounded Tang less Because instead. Contact your pick which one they need to find the name and telephone number. Tong coach, you do this to oneself scan it and store it in contact this time, if someone will contact you only find in the phone and all contacts.

– Comment on the media.
This is the way to market your business more because that is not advertising as a public letter printed brochures, etc. Allah you are the coach to comment on Tong. You may link to a page sweepstakes giveaways youtube facebook twitter, etc. It can be done comfortably.

– Prince show in front of stores.
How fun is if your store has to scan QR CODE to receive benefits. Monitoring activities. Or get it. It is still not good at it that customers will be more attention to bad you even more.

– Create a stream other
Of course everyone’s favorite is the free or reduced price tactics. You might try switching from using abrasion dollars. Golden ticket inside the box or in a navigation pack. Tong code hidden in a bundle of products and customers to see the scan. Would not be a good fun. It also has the least chance to win, and probably both good things to you as it has created the conditions.

But not everyone know that nothing that QR CODE.
If you’re going to use the QR CODE in your market, do not forget that not everyone will know and you coach Tong. This is so you should try to narrow viewed as in Facebook or Twitter, and do not forget to tell how. By using different. That need to load the app to read this from? Oce Tong, roasted, etc..

How to advertise business Blog


Written by xisucceswp

April 9, 2011 at 4:05 pm

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